Polyester Cord Strap & Herculine

Running wires through conduit is a notoriously frustrating and time-consuming job. When working on a construction project, it’s easy to waste a big part of your day trying to convince the wires to move from one end of the conduit to the other properly. This is where polyester pull tape can come in handy. Designed specifically to slide through conduits or ducts without getting caught, pull tape can be attached to your wires and sent through to the other end with ease.

At SEACO, our high-quality Herculine and Polyester pull tape features a high tensile strength, low stretch and lightweight design. Printed sequential footage markings are included for accurate measurements. Contact us today to place your order or for assistance with any questions you may have.

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Polyester Pull Tape

High tensile strength, low stretch and lightweight, easily blown through conduits or ducts. Printed sequential footage markings for accurate measurements.

Color(s)SizeLengthPackCase/Spool WeightStrength*Part#
White1/2”3,000ft. spool123#1250PPL 4435
White5/8”3,000ft. spool134#1800PPL 4436
White3/4”3,000ft. spool148#2500PPL 4437

Conduit Pull Tape (Herculine)

Color(s)SizeLengthPackCase/Spool WeightStrength*Part#
White3/16"3,000ft. spool830#160CON 100

*Pulling Tape is marked with foot count.